Better Together: A Complete Guide to All Thailand Elite’s Family Packages

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The Thailand Elite Visa program offers a total of seven membership packages. Of all its seven packages, four can be classified as individual membership, and three can be classified as a family membership.

The family membership, unlike its individual/single counterpart, allows non-Thais to reside in Thailand with their immediate family and provide their family members with all privileges as a Thailand Elite member.

This article will function as a complete guide to such an incredible membership category. We will walk you through each Thailand Elite family package, providing clear benefits and a concise summary for your family’s future journey to Thailand.

1. Elite Family Excursion

Elite Family Excursion

The Elite Family Excursion package is a sort of a basic family package with validity of 5 years.

The package is often seen as a couple’s package due to its requirement of at least two persons for a successful application. The applicants must be married, legitimately related, or are immediate family members.

The membership fee is THB 800,000 (VAT included). A lot of people often ask: “Is the fee inclusive of everything?” and the answer is, “YES! The fee is all-in for both applicants.” There is no annual fee, so that would be all.

However, if you would like to add on additional family members such as parents, children, Thailand Elite allows  you to do so with an additional membership fee of THB 300,000 (VAT included) per family member with the membership validity of 5 years as well. This offers a direct discount for the whole family. There is no age restriction, and an Elite Family Excursion member cannot transfer his/her Membership to a third person and upgrade his/her Membership to a more premium one.

Regarding the complimentary privileges, an Elite Family Excursion member can, of course, enjoy a vast array of benefits such as a short-haul and long-haul transfer service, airport service, government concierges, and special discount, etc., as detailed in Table 1.

What an Elite Family Excursion member cannot access, unfortunately, is the three Premium privileges (Adventure, Relaxation, and Healthier) which are reserved only for Elite Family Premium members.

2. Elite Family Alternative

Elite Family Alternative

The second Thailand Elite family program is called the Elite Family Alternative. The package offers you a longer membership validity period of 10 years.

Unlike Elite Family Excursion, the Elite Family Alternative requires one Core member for a successful application.

The term “Core member” refers to the main applicant who can come with his/her “Next” or legitimate family member(s). The membership fee is hence as follows: THB 800,000 (VAT Included) for the Core member and THB 700,000 (VAT Included) for the Next member(s).

Like the Elite Family Excursion program, the Elite Family Alternative has no age restriction and does not allow a membership transfer and an upgrade.

Regarding the complimentary privileges, like an Elite Family Excursion member, an Elite Family Alternative member can enjoy a vast array of benefits as shown in Table 2, with the exclusion of the transfer service and the three Premium privileges (Adventure, Relaxation, and Healthier) which are, as mentioned earlier, reserved only for Elite Family Premium members.

3. Elite Family Premium

Elite Family Premium

This Thailand Elite family membership option is at a premium for persons who are family members of an Elite Ultimate Privilege cardholder.

The Elite Family Premium, to put it simply, functions as a supportive package to the Elite Ultimate Privilege.

If you select the Elite Ultimate Privilege program for yourself, for example, you can choose the Elite Family Premium for your family members. The status of your family members is, as in other packages, classified as the Next members, and you are the Core member.

Also, because your Next members (your family) apply under your Elite Ultimate Privilege membership, their validity period is, therefore, subject to your Elite Ultimate Privilege validity period.

If your remaining validity is, for example, 19 years at the time of your family’s Elite Family Premium application, their Elite Family Premium validity is then 19 years, just as yours.

The membership fee for the Elite Family Premium is THB 1,000,000 (VAT included) with an annual fee of THB 10,000 (VAT included), as shown in Table 3. When you consider the Elite Family Premium membership fee, do as well include the Elite Ultimate Privilege’s membership fee in your budget since, without the Elite Ultimate Privilege, one cannot apply for the Elite Family Premium.

Like its main Elite Ultimate program, the Elite Family membership is one-time transferable (only to your immediate family, of course) with a transfer fee of 20% prevailing rate.

Regarding the complimentary privileges, all benefits are provided, as detailed in Table 3, with the exclusion of a long-haul transfer service and health services. The Adventure and Relaxation privileges are here with a little difference in terms of quantity from its initial Elite Ultimate program.

4. Elite Privilege Access

Elite Privilege Access Thailand Elite Visa program

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that there is a total of three packages that can be classified as family membership, and by far, you learn that such three options include Elite Family Excursion, Elite Family Alternative, and Elite Family Premium.

Now, what is then the Elite Privilege Access, an individual membership, doing in this category?

The Elite Privilege Access is essentially a single or individual membership but grants additional family member(s). Indeed, it is the only single membership that includes family membership within its individual package (The Elite Ultimate Privilege does the same but puts its additional family membership in another separate package, Elite Family Premium.)

The Elite Privilege Access membership fee is THB 1,000,000 (VAT Included) for one Core member and THB 800,000 (VAT Included) per Next person(s) for a membership validity of 5 years.

There is no age restriction, and an Elite Privilege Access member cannot transfer his/her Membership to a third person and upgrade his/her Membership to a more premium one.

Both the Core member and the Next members enjoy the same complimentary privileges such as airport lounge, airport service, short-haul transfer service, and health services (Healthier), special discounts, etc. The long-haul transfer service and the two Premium privileges (Adventure & Relaxation) are, however, not included.

But, as we always advise our clients, the most suitable package is not the one that gives you the most but rather precisely what you need.  If you and your members are, for example, certain that golf or spa is not quite your thing and health is more your priority, then there is no reason to go for something other than a package that prioritizes such a lifestyle and routine of yours.


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