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Thailand Elite Visa

Be a friend of Thailand, be an Elite member

In 2003, Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd, the operator of Thailand Elite Card, gainted its state-owned enterprise status within the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) as its sole shareholder. Thailand Elite originated with a singular mission: presenting to esteemed foreigner guests the finest way of life in Thailand. For over 18 years, Thailand Elite has rapidly gained popularity and became the world’s first country membership package with exclusive benefits to immigration, leisure, business, and much more.

Under the care of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Thailand Elite’s objectives are to attract affluent guests, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and long-stay expatriates through its enhanced access first-class and exclusive immigration and airport services, as well as extensive business and leisure benefits.

With Thailand’s world-class hospitality, Thailand Elite Members can expect extraordinary treatments.

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Hundreds of applications processed and approved

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Easy documentation and process

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Approval in 4 weeks

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English, French and Chinese speakers

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Right to live in Thailand up to 20 years

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Starting from 20,000 USD only


Elite Easy Access

The Elite Easy Access membership is a popular option for
business people who frequently travel to Thailand.


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Elite Superiority Extension

Secure the right to live in Thailand for up to 20 years with the Elite Superiority Extension membership.


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Elite Ultimate Privilege

This option is ideal for individuals who want to enhance their experience in Thailand.


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Elite Privilege Access

The Elite Privilege Access membership is a popular extendable membership option.


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Elite Family Premium

The Elite Family Premium option allows the immediate family of an Elite Ultimate Privilege member to apply for a Privilege Entry Visa.


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Elite Family Excursion

The Elite Family Excursion is available for a minimum of two people who want to acquire easy access to Thailand for up to five years.


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Elite Family Alternative

The Elite Family Alternative membership allows you and your family to visit Thailand to enjoy long vacations or just for short visits.


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Application form


What are the qualifications to be an Elite Member?

The applicant/the Member must have and maintain to have the following qualifications:

1) Being allowed to stay in Thailand in accordance with the immigration laws or any related law of Thailand;
2) Holding foreign passport;
3) Not having been sentenced by a judgment to imprisonment in any countries except for an offence committed through negligence;
4) Not having been adjudicated bankrupt; and
5) Not having been declared as a person of unsound mind, incompetence, or quasi incompetent.

How many program option for Member/Applicant to choose?

There are currently 7 program options for the Thailand Elite residence visa :
1. Elite Easy Access
2. Elite Superiority Extension
3. Elite Family Premium
4. Elite Family Excursion
5. Elite Family Alternative
6. Elite Privilege Access
7. Elite Ultimate Privilege

What are the main differences between the program options?

The main differences between the program options are the term of the residence visa (either 5, 10 or 20 years), the nature of the airport transfer services, and other complimentary services included in the package.
All options have common features :

  • airport immigration express services (elite personal assistance through immigration and access to executive lounges)
  • access to a 24-hour contact center
  • government concierge services.
Does my child need a visa to stay with me in Thailand?

All foreigner must get visa to stay in Thailand but if they are under 14 years old, they can stay in kingdom with parent but they have to get visa to entry Thailand first (Tourist visa or Visa on Arrival). Once they are 15 years old or older, they have to apply the appropriate visa to stay in Thailand.