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Privacy Policy


At Thaielite-express, your privacy is our priority.
Under HLG (Thailand) Co., Ltd (“the Company”), a duly authorized Thailand Elite representative, our website www.thaielite-express.com intends to offer the best of services. We understand your trust in us with the value of your information, therefore please be advised our Privacy Policy keeps your information secure. This privacy policy covers our collection, use and disclosure of information which we gather through our website and services.

The privacy policy applies to you if you are a user of www.thaielite-express.com and/or a potential member or applicant of our Thailand Elite Program.

Visiting Our Website

The external users or future applicants of Thailand Elite Program are entitled to visit and search for products, information, and other information of the Thailand Elite Program without the need for notification. No users are authorized to replicate or disseminate information of the company as displayed on the website.

The company can continually modify the website by using software to collect external users’ behaviors, habits, and interests. The objective is to develop the website journey for appropriate target groups. The information collected include the amount of time spent on website, page browsing, and various types of searches and clicks occurring on website. This is to better improve our services along with designing products and offers in order to meet the needs of our privilege members.
Thaielite-express collects personal information only for the purpose of lawful business purposes. We will not process your personal data for any other purpose without your consent, unless authorized and required by law.
Application Process

Your personal data will be requested during the start of a new application for the Thailand Elite program through our website, including full name, gender, date of birth, nationality, email address, a copy of your passport page (including biometric data), passport number, passport issuing authority (including issue and expiry date), business and permanent address, passport photo, a copy of work permit (if applicable), and any other information necessary for your Thailand Elite Application. If applying for other individuals, other information relating to any individuals, who you are applying for the Thailand Elite Program on their behalf, will be required for you to provide us or you may have submitted to us, online or via other means of communications between us and you.
Your collected personal data will be used for the following purposes: registering of your Thailand Elite application, maintaining your account, administering your online Thailand Elite Application, security and fraud prevention, conducting of marketing research and/or statistical analysis and profiling for the purposes for us to review and improve.
We do not sell, trade, share, or transfer the personal information of the external users or Thailand Elite Privilege members to third-party companies or organizations, unless the disclosure is legally subjected by court order. We are however required to disclose and transfer your personal data to other HLG entities, Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited (a Thailand government entity), the Tourism Authority of Thailand, our IT service provider, and in accordance with applicable law, other authorized governmental authorities, external advisors, and relevant companies involved within the application process.
Your personal data will be subjected to cross-border transfer for processing, due to applicants may or may not reside in Thailand.
From time-to-time, the Company have agreement with other service entities for the development and improvement of the company’s system. Allocation of service to other out-source service entities, those entities have to operate by the standard procedure of the Company’s treatment of confidential data.

Data Security

We strictly keep the basis of security for the purpose of protecting the access to personal information of the external user and future applications of the Thailand Elite Privilege Card from unauthorized access.

Limited Liability

We will not be responsible for any loss or expense including the result of using the company’s website portal and other means of communications, whether directly or indirectly.

Updates of the Company’s Privacy Policy

The Company will periodically update and provide changes to the Privacy Policy without prior notice. For thorough understand and efficiency of service, we suggest the external users or future members of Thailand Elite Privilege Card to familiarize themselves with our Privacy Policy every time they visit the website.

Contact Us

If an applicant has any inquiries or additional requirements with this Privacy Policy, we will be happy to answer any questions and listen to recommendations or comments which will be useful to our service.

Please contact

Ms. Krittya Keeratiyut

HLG (Thailand) Co., Ltd

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South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Sathorn,

Bangkok 10120 Thailand


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