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Frequently Asked Questions About Thai Elite Membership

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How long can I stay in Thailand with Elite Visa?

Thailand Elite offers a 5,10 or 20 years membership. Each time a member goes through the Thai immigration, he/she will automatically get a one-year visa stamp in his/her passport until expiration of the membership. If the member happens to stay for more than 1-year in Thailand, then a simple renewal at the immigration office will grant another 1-year visa stamp.

Can I work in Thailand with Thailand Elite?

After becoming an Elite member, you can apply anytime to a non-immigrant business visa and a work permit allowing you to work in Thailand. You also have the option of applying to the Elite Flexible Plus, invest at least 1 million USD in Thailand either in real estate, a limited or public company, or in stock exchange, and be granted a work permit.

How do I pay for Thailand Elite?

The payment is required only after submission of your application, the immigration background check by the Thai immigration, and receipt of the Approval Letter by email. Applicants could then choose to their membership fee by local or overseas bank transfer, credit card or depositing money to Thailand Elite bank account directly.

Who is Thailand Elite Authorized Agent?

ThaiElite-Express powered by HLG is the authorized sale agent for Thailand Elite since 2013. Moreover, HLG is a law firm with 30 years’ experience and a professional lawyer liability insurance, HLG Thailand is officially referenced by Thailand Elite website.

Is the Thailand Elite visa for Digital Nomads?

Thailand Elite is perfectly suitable for Digital Nomads. As business or retirement visas are not necessary a good match for digital nomads, the Elite Visa answers to all nomads with numerous privileges to cater members’ needs. With very little documentation needed, as well as the flexibility of applying from anywhere, regardless abroad, on arrival, or within Thailand. The process is seamless and fast. Moreover, from a study by The Instant Group, Bangkok has recently been voted as the world’s second-best city to work in as a digital nomad (best city in Asia). This is down to the innumerable benefits in which Bangkok brings, which are but not limited to; Internet broadband speed, culture, scenery, transportation, weather, affordability, cuisine, and more. Having already welcomed 35 million digital nomads from all over the world, in 2021, it’s forecasted that there would be more arrivals to the Land of Smiles with constant technological and infrastructure improvements.

What are the long term residency options available in Thailand?

Applying to Thailand Elite is a viable and easy solution to stay and live for a long period of time in Thailand. Only Thailand Elite can offer a 5,10 or 20 years. As of today, all other non-immigrant visa options are limited to a validity period of 1 or 2 years.

Thailand elite vs Retirement Visa

Thai Elite is a worry-free option compared to the Retirement Visa from the application, during holding period to the renewable. At the application time, for an Elite, the documentation is minimal, and no medical insurance nor proof of funds is required for instance. During the holding period, Elite members enjoy numerous privileges such as an assistance for their 90 days report, a fast track at the airport immigration, the lounge access and airport limousine, assistance in opening a bank account in local or foreign currency, a 24/7 call center and much more.

Is Thailand Elite more convenient than retirement visa?

The Retirement visa validity length is of 1 year, meaning at your yearly renewal you need to go through the entire application process again. On the other hand, Thailand Elite has 5, 10 and 20 years options. Additionally, contrary to a retirement visa, there is no age limitation, no need for a medical certificate, medical certificate or proof of funds in an account in Thailand For Thai Elite members. Thai Elite has many more advantages that a retirement cannot offer, please contact us to find out more.

Can foreigners buy real estate in Thailand?

Foreigners, as well as Thailand Elite members, can legally buy a residential condo unit. To purchase a condo unit (freehold), the foreign ownership quota of the condo building should not exceed 49%. However, foreigners are not allowed to buy land and house unless investing in a 40-Million-baht government bond with a maturity of 5 years or more, they will be allowed to buy 1 Rai of land for residential purpose only. Otherwise, they must go for the long-term lease for a period of 30 years at maximum.(renewable)

Can I extend my Elite Easy Access membership?
Anytime during the validity of your Elite Easy Access membership, you can upgrade your membership to a 20-year package (Elite Ultimate Privilege or Elite Superiority Extension) by only paying the additional fees (1,498,000 THB for the Elite Ultimate Privilege or 400,000 THB for the Elite Superiority Extension). Otherwise, the Elite membership is renewable upon expiration.
What are the qualifications to be a Thai Elite Member?

The applicant/the Member must have and maintain to have the following qualifications:

  1. Being allowed to stay in Thailand in accordance with the immigration laws or any related law of Thailand;
  2. Holding foreign passport;
  3. Not having been sentenced by a judgment to imprisonment in any countries except for an offense committed through negligence;
  4. Not having been adjudicated bankrupt
  5. Not having been declared as a person of unsound mind, incompetence, or quasi incompetent.
How long can I stay in Thailand with Thailand Privilege Visa?

The Thailand Privilege Visa provides membership options for durations of 5, 10, 15, or 20 years. With each entry into Thailand, the Thailand Privilege Card member will receive an automatic one-year visa stamp in their passport, valid until the end of their membership period. If a member stays in Thailand for more than one year, they can easily renew their visa by visiting the immigration office, which will grant them another one-year visa stamp.

Can I work in Thailand with Thailand Privilege Card?

Once you’ve attained Privilege membership status, you have the flexibility to apply for a non-immigrant business visa and obtain a work permit, enabling you to work in Thailand at anywhere and anytime.

How do I pay for my Thailand Privilege Card application?

Payment is requested only once your application has been submitted, the Thai immigration background check has been conducted, and you’ve received the Approval Letter via email. At this point, applicants have the option to settle their membership fee using either a local or overseas bank, with a direct transfer to Thailand Privilege Card directly.

Who is Thailand Privilege Card Authorized Agent?

Since 2013, Thaielite-Express, powered by Harvey Law Group, has served as the authorized sales agent for the Thailand Privilege Card. Harvey Law Group (HLG), a law firm boasting three decades of experience and equipped with professional lawyer liability insurance, holds an official reference on the Thailand Privilege Card website. We always recommend to apply for Thai Privilege Card only through authorized sales agent.

Is the Thailand Elite visa for Digital Nomads?

The Thailand Privilege Visa is an excellent choice for digital nomads. Traditional business or retirement visas may not align with the needs of digital nomads, but the Privilege Card membership offers a comprehensive solution with numerous privileges tailored to meet their requirements. The application process is straightforward and swift, requiring minimal documentation and offering the flexibility to apply from anywhere, whether abroad, upon arrival, or within Thailand. Furthermore, a study conducted by The Instant Group has ranked Bangkok as the world’s second-best city for digital nomads (and the best in Asia). This recognition is attributed to the city’s numerous advantages, including high-speed broadband internet, rich culture, scenic beauty, efficient transportation, favorable weather, cost-effectiveness, diverse cuisine, and more. With continuous technological and infrastructure enhancements, Thailand has already welcomed 35 million digital nomads from around the world in 2021, and it is anticipated that the Land of Smiles will attract even more visitors in the future.

What are the long term residency options available in Thailand?

Opting for Thailand Privilege Card membership presents an attractive and hassle-free approach for those seeking an extended stay in Thailand. Thailand Privilege Card uniquely provides membership durations of 5, 10, 15, or 20 years, setting it apart from all other non-immigrant visa alternatives currently available. It’s important to note that all other non-immigrant visa options are presently restricted to validity periods of just 1 or 2 years, making Thai Privilege Card membership a standout choice for those looking for longer-term stays in the country.

How many programme option for Thai Elite Member/Applicant to choose?

There are currently 7 program options for the Thailand Elite Membership residency programme :
1. Elite Easy Access
2. Elite Superiority Extension
3. Elite Family Premium
4. Elite Family Excursion
5. Elite Family Alternative
6. Elite Privilege Access
7. Elite Ultimate Privilege

What are the main differences between the programme options?

The main differences between the programme options are the term of residency (either 5, 10 or 20 years), the nature of the airport transfer services, and other complimentary services included in the package.
All options have common features :

    • airport immigration express services (elite personal assistance through immigration and access to executive lounges)
    • access to a 24-hour contact center
    • Elite personal assistant
    • VIP lounge at ariport
    • Executives lounge
Does my child need a visa to stay with me in Thailand?

All foreigner must get visa to stay in Thailand but if they are under 14 years old, they can stay in kingdom with parent but they have to get visa to entry Thailand first (Tourist visa or Visa on Arrival). Once they are 15 years old or older, they have to apply the appropriate visa to stay in Thailand.

What are the costs involved in obtaining the Thailand Elite Residency?

The application fees range from a non-refundable payment :

For 5-years residence validity : THB 600,000 (inclusive of VAT)
For 10-years residence validity : THB 1,000,000 (inclusive of VAT)
For 20-years residence validity : THB 2,000,000 (exclusive of VAT)

What documents are required to apply for the Thailand Elite residence programme?

Firstly, the applicant must fill in and sign an application form and provide the following supporting documents :

  1. Copy of each applicant’s passport biodata page, signed by the applicant*
  2. Copy of birth certificate**
  3. Copy of marriage certificate**
  4. Passport-size photo or digital photo not exceeding 2 MB***

    * The passport must have a minimum validity of six months and three blank pages
    ** This is only required for family applications to prove the relationship to the main applicant
    *** Photo requirement : one inch (3cm x 4cm) in size; neutral color background; no-teeth smile; straight, facing the camera; no sunglasses; proper attire
    All documents must be translated into English where applicable and such translations must be notarized.
What are the complimentary services provided as part of the Thailand Elite residence programme?

The services range from expedited immigration, visa processing and airport transportation services to complimentary golf, spa treatments and annual hospital check-ups; as well as a host of shopping, hotel, resort and dining experiences. The exact nature and quantity of the complimentary services will depend on the program option chosen. This can include:

Applicants/Members can enjoy free or discounted golf or spa treatments at participating golf courses and spa centers.
Reservation1-7 days*
Cancellation / Amendment1-7 days*
*Depending on the policy of each golf course

Airport services
Successful applicants will be welcomed by an Elite Personal Assistant (EPA) at designated Thai airports who will assist with all immigration formalities.
Arrival Reservation 5 hours prior to estimated time of arrival
Cancellation / Amendment4 hours prior to estimated time of arrival

Health-check Up
One annual health check-up is provided at participating private hospitals.

Reservation1 day
Cancellation / Amendment5 Hours

Transfer services
For all international flights, the applicant can make reservations with the Thailand Elite Contact Center for a short- and/or long-haul transfer service.
The short-haul distance : up to 80 kilometers from the airport.
The long-haul distance : up to 275 kilometers from the airport.
Reservation24 hours prior to pick-up time
Cancellation / Amendment12 hours prior to pick-up time

How long does it take to process the application ?

Approval in principle will be received 4 to 5 weeks* from application submission.

For nationals of China, Bangladesh and India, it would approximately take.

What is the 90-day report and does the successful applicant have to present themselves to the Immigration Office every 90 days?

For security purposes, a 90-day report is considered as a mandatory obligation for all foreigners living in Thailand to physically present themselves at the Immigration Bureau.
New applicant has to submit a 90 days reporting of address every 3 months of continuous stay. If the applicant lives in Bangkok, you may deliver your passport at Thailand Elite office and collect once it is done on your behalf. No additional costs are incurred.

Can applicants buy real estate in Thailand with the Thai Elite Member?

Yes, applicants can own condominiums in their own name. If applicants wish to acquire land and build a house, they can obtain a long-term lease on the land (for up to 30 years renewable).
Applicants will need to apply for a construction permit to build the house in their own name. This way applicants can own the house and have a secured long-term lease on the land.

Thailand Privilege Card V.s. Retirement Visa

The Thailand Privilege Card offers a hassle-free alternative when compared to the Retirement Visa, covering the entire process from application to renewal. During the initial application, minimal documentation is needed, and there’s no obligation for medical insurance or proof of funds, for instance. Throughout the membership holding period, Privilege Card members benefit from a host of privileges, including assistance with their 90-day reporting and various other benefits.

Is Thailand Privilege Card more convenient than a retirement visa?

While a Retirement visa is valid for just one year, requiring a complete reapplication process for yearly renewals, the Thailand Privilege Card offers far more flexibility with residency options ranging from 5 to 20 years. Unlike the retirement visa, the Privilege Card imposes no age restrictions and doesn’t mandate a medical certificate or proof of funds held in a Thai account for its members. Thailand Privilege members enjoy plenty of advantages that surpass what a retirement visa can provide. For further information on these benefits, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Can I extend my GOLD membership?

Anytime during the validity of your Elite Easy Access membership, you can upgrade your membership to a 20-year package (Elite Ultimate Privilege or Elite Superiority Extension) by only paying the additional fees (1,498,000 THB for the Elite Ultimate Privilege or 400,000 THB for the Elite Superiority Extension). Otherwise, the Elite membership is renewable upon expiration.

Can I upgrade my Diamond membership?

Yes, you can upgrade the Diamond membership.

Can I upgrade my Platinum membership?

Yes, you can upgrade the Platinum membership.

How do I get an invitation for the RESERVE membership?

To receive an invitation for the RESERVE membership, kindly please contact bastien@thaielite-express.com for further details.