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Residency Thailand : Elite Ultimate Privilege vs Elite Superiority Extension

What are the Differences between the 20 Years Residency Thailand Elite Membership Packages?

Residency Thailand? Elite Membership

Welcome to the world of Thailand Elite. Thailand is now no more merely a Land of Smiles but a Land of Easy Entry.

Easy living as a Thailand Elite Visa member has its exclusive privileges. As a friend of Thailand, Thailand Elite is dedicated to providing you with all the conveniences and simplicities ever needed to reside in the Kingdom.  Are you still confused on the specificities of the Thailand Elite Visas? Many new prospects tend to become confused on the specificities of the Thailand Elite visa programs, and the benefits that they prevail.

In this article, we will guide you through all the distinct features between Elite Ultimate Privilege and Elite Superiority Extension–two of the seven Thailand Elite Visa membership packages- that on the surface appears identical to each other. Aside the long-term residency benefits in Thailand, on a closer inspection, the membership packages are significantly distinctive.

No need to grab any pen or jot down anything; just simply keep on reading.  By the end of the article, we hope you will achieve more clarity and be on your way to deciding the most suitable Thailand Elite Visa Membership Program that works for you.

Ready? Here we go!

With a Privilege Entry Visa
that is valid from
5 years up to 20 years.

Step 1: Learn The Similarities

Elite Ultimate Privilege : Elite Superiority Extension

Both Elite Ultimate Privilege and Elite Superiority Extension share multiple similarities that can appear ‘twinning’. The memberships offer renewable, five-year, multiple-entry visa with extendable one-year length of stay per each entry. Both memberships secure you the right to live in Thailand up to 20 years.

Regards to exclusive privileges upon your airport arrival and departure, both offer an Elite Personal Assistant VIP greeting, fast-tracking immigration, passport control processing, as well as exclusive access to Thailand Elite airport lounge. In addition, whether you are an Elite Ultimate Privilege member or Elite Superiority Extension member, you are offered government concierges & facilitation including immigration service, 90-day reporting, assistance in the processing of a Thai driver’s license, assistance in opening a bank account, to business networking. A multilanguage member contact center is readily available to assist in English, Korean, Mandarin, and Japanese. Exclusive and shopping discounts remain at King Power Duty-Free, leading hotels & resorts, dining establishments, and leading department stores.

Step 2: Understand the Differences

Thailand Elite Card

Differences exist for a reason, and that’s for the best. The significant differences between the Elite Ultimate Privilege and Elite Superiority Extension membership packages lie in its membership fee. The Elite Ultimate Privilege Membership requires a one-time payment of THB 2,000,000 (+ Thai VAT of 7%), in addition to THB 20,000 annual fee. The Elite Superiority Extension Membership requires a lower amount at THB 1,000,000 and with no annual fee and no VAT.

Considering the price difference, the Elite Ultimate Privilege Members will receive
complimentary unlimited limousine transfer to-and-from the airport to the individual’s residence on international flights (within Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Samui). The Elite Ultimate Privilege Members will also receive benefits in Golf (up to 24 complimentary green fees), Spa (up to 24 spa treatments), and a complimentary health check up in Thailand’s leading hospitals annually. These privileges are not accessible for the Elite Superiority Extension.

Another important difference to note is that as an Elite Ultimate Member, you may transfer your privilege entry visa on its remaining validity, to another person with a transfer fee of 20% of the prevailing rate. The Elite Superiority Extension membership is non-transferable, as well as non-refundable.

Step 3: Recognize Which Thailand Elite Membership Suits You

The right membership is not the one that give you most, but the one that give you exactly what you need. If your purposes match with the Elite Ultimate Membership and you regard it as affordable, there is no reason to settle for something but the ultimate. At some point, if you intend to fly over your immediate family members, the  Elite Family Premium membership allows the applicant’s spouse and dependents to settle and reside in Thailand.

If you prefer an individual membership, the Elite Superiority Extension is certainly useful for your frequent business trips or travels to Thailand. As an authorized Thailand Elite agent and 28+ years within the immigration industry, we can guide you throughout the whole membership application process with ease, and provide consultation for the Thailand Elite Visa programs that suits your utmost requirements.

Feel free to visit our website for more details on Thailand Elite Visa and Membership, or send your questions directly to us via email: bastien@thaielite-express.com. visit us: Thailand-Express.We reply within 24 hours.

With a Privilege Entry Visa
that is valid from
5 years up to 20 years.

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The applicant/the Member must have and maintain to have the following qualifications: Being allowed to stay in Thailand in accordance with the immigration laws or any related law of Thailand.(no overstay record) Holding foreign passport. Not having been sentenced by a judgment to imprisonment in any countries except for an offense committed through negligence. Not having been adjudicated bankrupt. Not having been declared as a person of unsound mind incompetence, or quasi incompetent.

タイエリートは5、10または20年のメンバーシップを提供し、メンバーシップの有効期間中にビザの更新を保証します。 メンバーがタイの入国審査を通過するたびに、メンバーシップの有効期限が切れるまで、パスポートに1年間のビザスタンプが自動的に付与されます。 メンバーがタイに1年以上連続して滞在した場合、入国管理局での簡単な更新により、さらに1年間のビザスタンプが付与されます。

タイ エリート ビザは、2003 年にタイ王国政府によって開始され、承認されたプログラムです。エリート ビザ プログラムを運営する Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd は、観光省の下にあるタイ政府観光局の完全子会社です。 そしてスポーツ。 HLG 法律事務所の権限を持つ ThaiElite-Express は、正規の販売代理店です。

エリート会員になってタイエリートビザを取得した後は、いつでも非移民ビジネスビザとタイで働くことを許可する就労許可証を申請することができます。 また、エリートフレキシブルプラスに申請し、タイで不動産、有限会社、公開会社、または証券取引所に少なくとも100万米ドルを投資し、労働許可を与えるオプションもあります。

支払いは、申請書の提出、タイの移民による移民の身元調査、および電子メールによる承認書の受領後にのみ必要です。 その後、申請者は、国内または海外の銀行振込、クレジットカード、またはタイエリート銀行口座への直接入金によって会費に進むことを選択できます。

The Thailand Elite Visa is perfectly suitable for Digital Nomads. As business or retirement visas are not necessary a good match for digital nomads, the Elite Visa answers to all nomads with numerous privileges to cater members’ needs. With very little documentation needed, as well as the flexibility of applying from anywhere, regardless abroad, on arrival, or within Thailand. The process is seamless and fast. Moreover, from a study by The Instant Group, Bangkok has recently been voted as the world’s second-best city to work in as a digital nomad (best city in Asia). This is down to the innumerable benefits in which Bangkok brings, which are but not limited to; Internet broadband speed, culture, scenery, transportation, weather, affordability, cuisine, and more. Having already welcomed 35 million digital nomads from all over the world, in 2021, it’s forecasted that there would be more arrivals to the Land of Smiles with constant technological and infrastructure improvements.

タイエリートプログラムに申し込むことは、タイに長期間滞在して生活するための実行可能で簡単な解決策です。 タイエリートのみが5年、10年、または20年のメンバーシップを提供し、申請者のメンバーシップの有効期間中にビザの更新を保証することができます。 今日の時点で、他のすべての非移民ビザオプションは1年または2年の有効期間に制限されています。

タイで引退するためのエリートビザは、再生可能エネルギーの保有期間中、申請からの引退ビザと比較して心配のないオプションです。 申請時、エリートの場合、書類は最小限であり、保持期間中の医療保険や証明はありません。エリートメンバーは、90日間のレポートの支援、空港入国審査のファストトラック、ラウンジなど、さまざまな特典を利用できます。 アクセスと空港リムジン、現地通貨または外貨での銀行口座開設の支援、24時間年中無休のコールセンターなど。 エリートビザは、メンバーシップ期間中、特権エントリービザを簡単に更新できるようにします。

タイエリートプログラムに申し込むことは、タイに長期間滞在して生活するための実行可能で簡単な解決策です。 タイエリートのみが5年、10年、または20年のメンバーシップを提供し、申請者のメンバーシップの有効期間中にビザの更新を保証することができます。 今日の時点で、他のすべての非移民ビザオプションは1年または2年の有効期間に制限されています。

タイエリートビザは、タイに長期滞在するためのタイ法に基づく完全に合法かつ合法的なプログラムです。「タイエリート」は、タイプリビレッジカード株式会社が運営しています。2003年にタイ王国政府が発足しました。 同社は、観光スポーツ省傘下のタイ国政府観光庁の完全子会社です。

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