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Elite Family Alternative

The Elite Family Alternative membership allows you and your family to visit Thailand to enjoy long vacations or just for short visits. Exclusive membership services include assistance when contacting government agencies such as the immigration department and the mandatory 90-day reporting procedure.

Elite Family Alternative

Thailand Elite Visa

Membership fee

THB 800,000 (VAT included)

Additional family member

Valid for a period equal to the remaining term of the core member





    Membership confers the right to stay in Thailand with a Privilege Entry Visa (PEV) — subject to the approval of the Thailand Immigration Bureau — as well as an extendable one-year stay without the usual requirement to exit the country. The PEV will be affixed when applying at any Royal Thai Embassy, Royal Thai Consulate General, or Thai Immigration Bureau in Bangkok.


    Every time you step off an international flight at Suvarnabhumi or Phuket airports, a dedicated Elite Personal Assistant will greet you at the gate as you disembark, whisk you to the Exclusive Arrival Lounge and expedite you through passport control counters and baggage claim. Fast Track express immigration service will obviate formalities and enable you to be processed speedily, without the need to pass through normal — often time-consuming — immigration channels. When departing, Fast Track will quickly pass you through immigration and to our Lounge, with any duty-free shopping assistance you need.


    To assist with the 90-day report, business networking, immigration service processes, opening a bank account, obtaining driver’s license


    English, Korean, Mandarin, Japanese service available from 6.00 am–9.00 pm (Bangkok standard time ‐ UTC +7)


    King Power duty-free benefits and special discounts at hotels, dining establishments, shopping centers

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Thailand Elite Visa


Thailand Elite Visa Thailand Elite Easy Access

Elite Easy Access

The Elite Easy Access membership is a popular option for
business people who frequently travel to Thailand.

Membership validity: 5 years Residency
Membership fee: THB 600,000 (VAT included)

Thailand Elite Visa

Elite Superiority Extension

Secure the right to live in Thailand for up to 20 years with the Elite Superiority Extension membership.

Validity: 20 years
Membership fee: THB 1 million (VAT included)

Thailand Elite Visa

Elite Privilege Access

The Elite Privilege Access membership is a popular extendable membership option.

Validity: 10 years
Membership fee: THB 1 million (VAT Included)

Thailand Elite Visa

Elite Ultimate Privilege

The Elite Ultimate Privilege membership offers many complimentary privileges both for business and pleasure.

Validity: Up to 20 Years
Membership fee: THB 1 million (Exclusive of VAT)

Thailand Elite Visa

Elite Family Premium

The Elite Family Premium option allows the immediate family of an Elite Ultimate Privilege member to apply for a Privilege Entry Visa.

Validity: Up to 20 Years
Membership fee: THB 1 million (VAT included)

Thailand Elite Visa

Elite Family Excursion

The Elite Family Excursion is Available for a minimum of two people who want to acquire easy access to Thailand for up to five years.

Validity: 5 years Residency
Membership fee: THB 800,000 (VAT Included)