Thaielite-Express has prepared additional information for existing Thailand-Elite members.

Thailand-Elite members

For those who need to do a 90-day reporting in Bangkok using Thailand-Elite service, please drop off your passport and other documents on Monday from 09.00 – 16.00 hrs. and collect your passport back only on Friday from 13.00 – 16.00 hrs. Members can drop passport for 90-day reporting pick up the passport on the following dates:

1. 90-Day Reporting through Thailand-Elite Head Office

Thaielite-Express regrets to inform you that Thailand Elite will not be accepting or returning passports for 90-day reporting on 27 and 31 December 2021. If your due date for 90-day reporting is among 21 December 2021 – 3 January 2022, we strongly recommend you drop your passport on Monday 20 December 2021 to avoid late reporting fees. 90-Day Reporting service at Thailand Elite’s head office is applicable for members who hold Privilege Entry Visa (PE) and live in Bangkok only.

For members who live outside Bangkok, please contact the local Immigration Offices in your residence. Please ensure that you drop your passport and other documents only on Monday, and within 15 days before your due date to avoid the late reporting. Thailand Elite is unable to do 90-day reporting for members who are overdue for their 90-day reporting. Please be reminded to prepare the following documents for the 90-day reporting.

  1. Valid passport with valid Thailand-Elite visa (PE visa) inside the passport
  2. Departure card (TM. 6 card)
  3. Previous receipt of notification of 90-das reporting (if any)
  4. Completely filled in and signed notification form (TM.47 from – form is downloadable here)
  5. Receipt of TM.30 Please ensure to submit all documents above. Should there be any missing documents, Thailand Elite will be unable to do the reporting on your behalf

2. Stay Extension and Elite Personal Liaison (EPL) Service for Visa related Issues

As mentioned in topic #6, we would like to humbly remind you to always check your arrival stamp or your extension stamp to ensure that you are not overstaying. Please be informed that Elite Personal Liaison (EPL) services are available at the Immigration Bureau (Chaeng Wattana Immigration office) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. There is no EPL service provided at any other Immigration Offices. Should you need to make a reservation for Thailand Elite EPL service to help assist you with visa affixing, or extending your stay permission, please make a booking by email with no less than 5 working days in advance. Also, members will be required to submit documents upon request when making a reservation. Thailand Elite will be unable to make a reservation for EPL service if members are unable to submit documents as requested. Documents required for extending your stay permit are as follows.

  1. Passport with valid Thailand Elite Visa inside
  2. A copy of the following page in your passport (with your signature on all copies) ✰ Front page of passport showing name / surname / passport number ✰ Current Thailand Elite visa ✰ Latest entry stamp in your passport ✰ All extension stamps in your passport that you have obtained since the latest entry ✰ Departure Card (TM6)
  3. TM30 Receipt
  4. A photo of 4×6 cm. (or 2 inches) (taken not older than 6 months)
  5. Thailand Elite Membership Card
  6. An official Thai letter from Thailand Elite*
  7. Extension fee of 1,900 Baht (in cash only)
  8. Rental Contract (Some immigration officers may ask to see your rental contract. Therefore, we highly recommend you bring the rental contract and one copy of it with you.)

*For our Thailand-Elite members who live outside of Bangkok, please note that you are required to present an official Thai letter issued by Thailand Elite to the Immigration Office in order to complete the extension of your stay permit. Please make a booking no less than 5 working days in advance for letter issuance before your preferred date to visit the Immigration Office. To avoid unforeseen circumstances, please do not visit the immigration office without the official letter.

Please be informed that Thailand Elite will not be responsible for any rejection of your stay permit extension from the Immigration Office. Please note that Thailand Elite will be unable to accept bookings that are made less than 5 working days in advance and will not be responsible for any penalty fine caused by late reservation.

3. Regulations on entering Thailand-Elite Members under Thailand Elite Visa

Thaielite-Express would like to humbly remind you the following regulations: – Thailand-Elite Member must acknowledge his/her duty to conduct the 90-day reporting, visa/stay extension, and notification of residence for foreigner (TM30) in accordance with the Thai Immigration Law.

– Member on a Privilege Entry Visa (PE) will be granted a one-year permission to stay in Thailand per each visit (or less if the validity of your passport or your Thailand Elite visa is less than 1 year) and a 90-day permission to stay in Thailand per each visit for member on a Special Entry Visa (SE). –

– Member must acknowledge and agree that it is his/her duty to check the correctness of the arrival or extension stamp and is required to extend his/her visa/stay permission before the expiry date stated in the arrival or extension stamp, otherwise member will be considered as “Overstay” according to the Thai Immigration Law.

– Member must acknowledge that member is responsible for any penalties of 90-day reporting, ignorance of notification of his/her place of stay and overstaying such as a fine, ban from entering the country, imprisonment, and deportation according to the Thai Immigration Law.

– Member must acknowledge and accept that company is unable to provide any assistance in case of late reporting, ignorance of notification of residence for foreigner, overstaying and penalties according to the Thai Immigration Law.

Please be reminded of the penalties for Overstay and late 90-day Reporting.

4. Termination of TEM-Q Services

With the country reopening from 1 November 2021, and the lift of the requirement of Certificate of Entry (COE) for travelers coming to Thailand, Thailand-Elite regrets to inform you that our TEM-Q team will stop its operation from 1 January 2022. Thailand-Elite would like to express our gratitude to all members who have been in contact with the TEMQ team in the past years, and hope that you have had a wonderful time with the services provided by TEM-Q Team. Thailand Elite would like to ensure you that we will enhance our EPA and EPL services. All teams are happy to assist you as usual. For members planning to enter Thailand under Quarantine Exemption Scheme, Sandbox Scheme, or Alternative Quarantine Scheme.

5. Thailand Elite Card and Membership Certification Letter During and after COVID-19 Pandemic, travel-related documents are being checked rigorously.

For Thailand Elite Members, apart from your Thailand Elite Visa in the passport, the Immigration Officer will also ask you to present Thailand Elite Membership card when entering or leaving Thailand to ensure the status of your membership. With this reason, member must carry your membership card with you all the time to avoid unnecessary checking process.

Thailand Elite Members who hold Privilege Entry (PE) visa have been given a 6-month membership extension as a compensation for COVID-19 must always carry Membership Certification Letter that always states the new expiry date of your membership with you. A digital copy of the Membership Certification letter can be kept in your mobile phone or other digital devices. This is an important document for traveling and contacting the Immigration Office.

6. Elite Personal Assistant (EPA) Service at Suvarnabhumi Airport and Phuket Airport

Our Elite Personal Assistant (EPA) service has been resumed since 1 October 2021.

  1. EPA service is available for members traveling with international flights to/from Suvarnabhumi Airport and Phuket Airport. Currently, there is no EPA Service available at other airports.
  2. EPA service is not available for walk-in at all cases. Reservation for EPA service must be made through Member Contact Center no less than 24 hours prior to your flight’s arrival time (for arrival flights) or your preferred pick-up time (for departure flights). Please provide your flight information to the Thailand-Elite Member Contact Center or email to reserve the EPA service for your flight. Any reservation of EPA service that is made less than 24 hours in advance will be rejected.
  3. EPA service is reserved exclusively for Thailand-Elite Members only. The EPA Service is not available for member’s friends or accompanying guests (except for members who travel with infants or elderly persons).
  4. Please note that EPA officers can assist members on using fast track immigration formality process, but not including fast track at check-in counters. To check in at First Class rows or Business Class rows, members must hold First Class tickets or Business Class tickets or must possess respected status of eligibility in accordance with the regulations of the airline or its alliances.
  5. EPA service is unavailable for members traveling on domestic flights.
  6. EPA officers are usually in golden uniform. However, they may be required to wear Disposable Suit (CPE). Please look for the Thailand-Elite Signage to identify our EPA officers.
  7. EPA service is strongly recommended for Thailand-Elite Members who are entering the country using Thailand Pass System. The EPA officers will facilitate members with fast-track immigration formality and will help coordinate with the hotel’s representative at the airport. Therefore, please provide your international arrival flight number and the name of hotel upon making a reservation for EPA Service. Kindly be reminded that all information must be provided no less than 24 hours prior to your international flight’s arrival time to complete the reservation.
  8. The EPA officers are very welcome to help you check the correctness of your arrival stamp when you enter Thailand. Please feel free to consult with our EPA officer if you need any assistance on checking details given in your passport.

With a Privilege Entry Visa
that is valid from
5 years up to 20 years.


Elite Personal Assistant (EPA) Meeting Points at Suvarnabhumi Airport for International Arrival

Passengers Members who have successfully reserved EPA service for their international arrival flight can meet the EPA Officer at the star marks in the map. EPA officer will then assist members to fast lane immigration at immigration counter number 2.

In November 2021, Thailand-Elite Personal Assistants (EPA) may dress in CPE. You can identify the EPA with Thailand-Elite Signage.

7. Special Holidays in December 2021

There are four special holidays in December which are as follows: – 6 December: Substitution for H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej The Great’s Birthday -10 December: Constitution Day – 28 December: King Taksin Memorial Day for Eight Eastern Provinces only (Nakhon Nayok, Prachin Buri, Sa Kaeo, Chachoengsao, Chon Buri, Rayong, Chanthaburi and Trat) – 31 December: New Year’s Eve Please note that the Immigration Office and other governmental premises will follow the above holidays. Please check your due date for 90-day reporting and stay extension to plan your visit in advance if your due date is on, or among, these holidays.

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タイランドエリート has been an authorized General Sales and Services Agent since 2013. We hope that with our guide, you can comprehend Thai-Elite Visa costs and benefits better and find your suitable option. Should you have any questions, however, please do not hesitate to visit our website for more details on Thailand-Elite Visa and Membership, or send your questions directly to us via email: bastien@thaielite-express.comで直接お問い合わせください。 英語、フランス語、ドイツ語、日本語、中国語をサポートしています。 24時間以内に返信する。

With a Privilege Entry Visa
that is valid from
5 years up to 20 years.

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The applicant/the Member must have and maintain to have the following qualifications: Being allowed to stay in Thailand in accordance with the immigration laws or any related law of Thailand.(no overstay record) Holding foreign passport. Not having been sentenced by a judgment to imprisonment in any countries except for an offense committed through negligence. Not having been adjudicated bankrupt. Not having been declared as a person of unsound mind incompetence, or quasi incompetent.

タイエリートは5、10または20年のメンバーシップを提供し、メンバーシップの有効期間中にビザの更新を保証します。 メンバーがタイの入国審査を通過するたびに、メンバーシップの有効期限が切れるまで、パスポートに1年間のビザスタンプが自動的に付与されます。 メンバーがタイに1年以上連続して滞在した場合、入国管理局での簡単な更新により、さらに1年間のビザスタンプが付与されます。

タイ エリート ビザは、2003 年にタイ王国政府によって開始され、承認されたプログラムです。エリート ビザ プログラムを運営する Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd は、観光省の下にあるタイ政府観光局の完全子会社です。 そしてスポーツ。 HLG 法律事務所の権限を持つ ThaiElite-Express は、正規の販売代理店です。

エリート会員になってタイエリートビザを取得した後は、いつでも非移民ビジネスビザとタイで働くことを許可する就労許可証を申請することができます。 また、エリートフレキシブルプラスに申請し、タイで不動産、有限会社、公開会社、または証券取引所に少なくとも100万米ドルを投資し、労働許可を与えるオプションもあります。

支払いは、申請書の提出、タイの移民による移民の身元調査、および電子メールによる承認書の受領後にのみ必要です。 その後、申請者は、国内または海外の銀行振込、クレジットカード、またはタイエリート銀行口座への直接入金によって会費に進むことを選択できます。

The Thailand Elite Visa is perfectly suitable for Digital Nomads. As business or retirement visas are not necessary a good match for digital nomads, the Elite Visa answers to all nomads with numerous privileges to cater members’ needs. With very little documentation needed, as well as the flexibility of applying from anywhere, regardless abroad, on arrival, or within Thailand. The process is seamless and fast. Moreover, from a study by The Instant Group, Bangkok has recently been voted as the world’s second-best city to work in as a digital nomad (best city in Asia). This is down to the innumerable benefits in which Bangkok brings, which are but not limited to; Internet broadband speed, culture, scenery, transportation, weather, affordability, cuisine, and more. Having already welcomed 35 million digital nomads from all over the world, in 2021, it’s forecasted that there would be more arrivals to the Land of Smiles with constant technological and infrastructure improvements.

タイエリートプログラムに申し込むことは、タイに長期間滞在して生活するための実行可能で簡単な解決策です。 タイエリートのみが5年、10年、または20年のメンバーシップを提供し、申請者のメンバーシップの有効期間中にビザの更新を保証することができます。 今日の時点で、他のすべての非移民ビザオプションは1年または2年の有効期間に制限されています。

タイで引退するためのエリートビザは、再生可能エネルギーの保有期間中、申請からの引退ビザと比較して心配のないオプションです。 申請時、エリートの場合、書類は最小限であり、保持期間中の医療保険や証明はありません。エリートメンバーは、90日間のレポートの支援、空港入国審査のファストトラック、ラウンジなど、さまざまな特典を利用できます。 アクセスと空港リムジン、現地通貨または外貨での銀行口座開設の支援、24時間年中無休のコールセンターなど。 エリートビザは、メンバーシップ期間中、特権エントリービザを簡単に更新できるようにします。

タイエリートプログラムに申し込むことは、タイに長期間滞在して生活するための実行可能で簡単な解決策です。 タイエリートのみが5年、10年、または20年のメンバーシップを提供し、申請者のメンバーシップの有効期間中にビザの更新を保証することができます。 今日の時点で、他のすべての非移民ビザオプションは1年または2年の有効期間に制限されています。

タイエリートビザは、タイに長期滞在するためのタイ法に基づく完全に合法かつ合法的なプログラムです。「タイエリート」は、タイプリビレッジカード株式会社が運営しています。2003年にタイ王国政府が発足しました。 同社は、観光スポーツ省傘下のタイ国政府観光庁の完全子会社です。

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