Elite Easy Access: The Ultimate Choice for Thailand Elite Visa Program

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If you have come across information on Thailand Elite or the Thailand Elite membership package, and are in the process of considering acquiring the privilege Thailand long stay visa for yourself, Thailand Elite has you covered. One distinctive and popular program for individuals we would like to highlight called the ‘Elite Easy Access’ stands out upon other memberships.

The ‘Elite Easy Access’ membership program, with its name implying an easy entry to Thailand, does offer an individual a golden opportunity to hold a Thailand Elite Visa card, requiring a one-time membership fee of only 600,000 THB (VAT included). At this level, it’s one of the most economical option among all.

Since its launch, the membership program has gained continuous popularity among foreigners.  During the first half of fiscal year 2020, through the COVID-19 pandemic, the program proved itself even most valuable and convenient for expats left stranded in Thailand and those who saw Thailand as a safe harbor away from heavily affected countries.

Time to get to know more about it–not just for its tempting price but all minor and major details- for you to comprehend the utmost benefits of the Thailand Elite Easy Access.

What Is Thailand Elite?

Before jumping right into the Elite Easy Access, let’s start first with a bit of its origin for our full comprehension. Established in 2003 by the Thai Government, Thailand Elite visa is a long term residency visa program that allows you to live or stay in Thailand from 5 to 20 years without having to worry about any minimum or maximum stay in the country, your visa conditions, paperwork, and extensions. The program aims to attract high net worth visitors, affluent travelers, businessmen, investors, and expats.

The Thailand Elite visa comes with VIP privileges, including access to airport pick-up services, fast track immigration lanes, airport lounges, visa assistance, golf club memberships, and discounts on various services all around Thailand.

The Thailand Elite Visa program offers a total of seven membership packages. Of all its seven packages, four can be classified as individual membership, and three can be classified as a family membership as follows:

Elite Visa Thailand Individual Membership Packages

  1.   Elite Ultimate Privilege
  2.   Elite Privilege Access
  3.   Elite Easy Access
  4.   Elite Superiority Extension

Elite Visa Thailand Family Membership Packages

  1.   Elite Family Premium (as dependent of the Elite Ultimate Privilege)
  2.   Elite Family Alternative
  3.   Elite Family Excursion

The Elite Easy Access option is, therefore, to put it simply, one of the four individual membership options of the Thailand Elite Residency program.

Each option comes with its own characteristic and specific features. Read on for more– another step closer to realizing your worry-free stay in iconic Thailand.

What Does ‘Elite Easy Access’ Offers?

Elite Easy Access offers you a multiple entry visa, called a ‘Privilege Entry Visa’ (PE Visa). The PE Visa allows you to leave and enter Thailand as many times as you want until your visa expires.

Although you are granted multiple entries, it is important to note that each entry permits only one-year length of stay. Still, if you want to reside in Thailand for longer than that, you can apply for a stay extension by making appointment a few weeks in advance with Thai Elite customer services for a hassle free formality.

It is important to note that the Elite Easy Access’ PE Visa is non-renewable. A new application is required if you want to continue your membership after the 5 years’ period.

Summary: Elite Easy Access is a non-renewable, five-year, multiple entry visa with an extendable one-year length of stay.

Apart from a Privilege visa, there are also a bunch of complimentary benefits accompanying your membership as follows:

  • Short haul VIP transfer service for international flight (50 or 80 kilometers): 24 times/calendar year
  • Airport service (EPA service + Fast track immigration)
  • Departure and arrival lounge
  • Special discounts
  • Government concierges
  • An upgrade option to Elite Ultimate Privilege

NOTE: A lot of applicants mistake a stay extension with the membership validity. If you look for information about Elite Easy Access, for example, you see how you can get a membership validity of 5 years. That figure is not your permitted length of stay, but rather a visa validity. You are still entitled to leave once you reach a one-year length of stay, but, as mentioned above, you can apply for a stay extension, and it is quite a simple process and a mere formality which will allow you to stay five consecutive years in Thailand.

The term “membership validity” is, to put it simply, a life expectancy of your card, a period during which your Thailand Elite visa and your membership as a Thai Elite member is valid, not your permitted length of stay per entry.


The requirements are simple. Firstly, you must be a non-Thai national who can afford a membership fee of 600,000 THB (VAT included).

There is no annual fee. After a successful application, the 90-day reporting remains as usual like any foreigners in Thailand but you can chose to entrust Thai Elite customers services to complete the 90 days’ report for you in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Pattaya.

How to Upgrade?

As an Elite Easy Access Visa holder, your chance to transition into an Elite Ultimate Privilege member, an ultimate individual membership, is at your fingertip. The upgrade option is contained within your membership and you can choose to avail it anytime at your convenience.

There is an upgrade fee of 1,500,000 THB (VAT excluded), but with all privileges added, it can definitely be a worthwhile investment.

Once you upgrade, your Privilege Entry Visa is no longer valid for just 5 years but 20 years. You are also entitled to avail all exclusive privileges including golf sessions, spa sessions, as well as an annual medical check-up.

Once you are an Elite Ultimate Privilege member, you are also entitled to bring in your family members through an Elite Family Premium option.


Thailand Elite Easy Access is an individual membership package, one of the most popular Thailand Elite Residency program. The program offers a non-renewable, five-year, multiple entry visa with an extendable one-year length of stay. The Elite Easy Access comes with an upgrade option to the Elite Ultimate Privilege membership and be entitled to all sorts of additional privileges, particularly visa validity of 20 years.

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