The applicant/the Member must have and maintain to have the following qualifications:

1) Being allowed to stay in Thailand in accordance with the immigration laws or any related law of Thailand;
2) Holding foreign passport;
3) Not having been sentenced by a judgment to imprisonment in any countries except for an offence committed through negligence;
4) Not having been adjudicated bankrupt; and
5) Not having been declared as a person of unsound mind, incompetence, or quasi incompetent.

There are currently 7 program options for the Thailand Elite residence visa :
1. Elite Easy Access
2. Elite Superiority Extension
3. Elite Family Premium
4. Elite Family Excursion
5. Elite Family Alternative
6. Elite Privilege Access
7. Elite Ultimate Privilege

The main differences between the program options are the term of the residence visa (either 5, 10 or 20 years), the nature of the airport transfer services, and other complimentary services included in the package.
All options have common features :

  • airport immigration express services (elite personal assistance through immigration and access to executive lounges)
  • access to a 24-hour contact center
  • government concierge services.

All foreigner must get visa to stay in Thailand but if they are under 14 years old, they can stay in kingdom with parent but they have to get visa to entry Thailand first (Tourist visa or Visa on Arrival). Once they are 15 years old or older, they have to apply the appropriate visa to stay in Thailand.

The application fees range from a non-refundable payment :

  • For 5-year validity : THB 500,000 (inclusive of VAT)
  • For 10-year validity : THB 1,000,000 (inclusive of VAT)
  • For 20-year validity : THB 2,000,000 (exclusive of VAT)

Firstly, the applicant must fill in and sign an application form and provide the following supporting documents :

  • Copy of each applicant’s passport biodata page, signed by the applicant*
  • Copy of birth certificate**
  • Copy of marriage certificate**
  • Passport-size photo or digital photo not exceeding 2 MB***
    * The passport must have a minimum validity of six months and three blank pages

** This is only required for family applications to prove the relationship to the main applicant

*** Photo requirement : one inch (3cm x 4cm) in size; neutral color background; no-teeth smile; straight, facing the camera; no sunglasses; proper attire

All documents must be translated into English where applicable and such translations must be notarized.

The services range from expedited immigration, visa processing and airport transportation services to complimentary golf, spa treatments and annual hospital check-ups; as well as a host of shopping, hotel, resort and dining experiences. The exact nature and quantity of the complimentary services will depend on the program option chosen. This can include:


Applicants/Members can enjoy free or discounted golf or spa treatments at participating golf courses and spa centers.

  • Reservation1-7 days*
  • Cancellation / Amendment1-7 days*
  • *Depending on the policy of each golf course


Airport services

Successful applicants will be welcomed by an Elite Personal Assistant (EPA) at designated Thai airports who will assist with all immigration formalities.

  • Arrival Reservation 5 hours prior to estimated time of arrival
  • Cancellation / Amendment4 hours prior to estimated time of arrival


Health-check Up

One annual health check-up is provided at participating private hospitals.

  • Reservation1 day
  • Cancellation / Amendment5 Hours


Transfer services

For all international flights, the applicant can make reservations with the Thailand Elite Contact Center for a short- and/or long-haul transfer service.

The short-haul distance : up to 80 kilometers from the airport.

The long-haul distance : up to 275 kilometers from the airport.

  • Reservation24 hours prior to pick-up time
  • Cancellation / Amendment12 hours prior to pick-up time

Approval in principle will be received one week* from application submission.

For nationals of China, Bangladesh and India, it would approximately take one month for the result due to the additional full background checks with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required.

For security purposes, a 90-day report is considered as a mandatory obligation for all foreigners living in Thailand to physically present themselves at the Immigration Bureau.

New applicant has to submit a 90 days reporting of address every 3 months of continuous stay. If the applicant lives in Bangkok, you may deliver your passport at Thailand Elite office and collect once it is done on your behalf.  No additional costs are incurred.

Yes, applicants can own condominiums in their own name. If applicants wish to acquire land and build a house, they can obtain a long-term lease on the land (for up to 30 years).

Applicants will need to apply for a construction permit to build the house in their own name. This way applicants can own the house and have a secured long-term lease on the land.