Obtain your Thai Elite visa (5 years) for free through investing in the real estate market in Phuket!

Located in the prestigious area of Phuket Island,  Layan Green Park is within a walking distance from 8 kms long Bangtao beach, from one of the 10 best beaches in Thailand, and adjacent to the prestigious Laguna area and its 5-star hotels, tennis courts and golf courses.

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ANNOUNCEMENT! Thailand Elite Promotion until December 31, 2020

Any applicants who applied before September 30, 2020 and who paid within 30 days after receiving the approval letter, shall receive a 6 months’ extension to their membership period.

Any applicants who applied since October 1, 2020 and received an approval letter before December 31, 2020 shall receive a 3 months’ extension to their membership period.

Approval letters are valid for 3 months.

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5 Common Misunderstandings about Thailand Elite Visa One Must Avoid

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The Thailand Elite Visa program is, by far, the simplest and easiest way for foreigners to obtain long term residency in Thailand. Ask a former or existing member and you will find how even at the entry level, there are significant benefits and conveniences to reap. Thailand Elite Visa Prospects, without proper guides from an authorized Thailand Elite agent can easily fall into misunderstandings about some components of the program. Read More

Elite Easy Access: The Ultimate Choice for Thailand Elite Visa Program

August 10, 2020 By Articles Comments Off

If you have come across information on Thailand Elite or the Thailand Elite membership package, and are in the process of considering acquiring the privilege Thailand long stay visa for yourself, Thailand Elite has you covered. One distinctive and popular program for individuals we would like to highlight called the ‘Elite Easy Access’ stands out upon other memberships.

The ‘Elite Easy Access’ membership program, with its name implying an easy entry to Thailand, does offer an individual a golden opportunity to hold a Thailand Elite Visa card, requiring a one-time membership fee of only 500,000 THB (VAT included). At this level, it’s one of the most economical option among all. Read More

Thailand Elite Visa Costs Explained: A Complete Guide to All Costs Involved

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To fully comprehend how Thailand Elite Membership works in a simple and easy-to-understand terms, the article first starts off with all its terminology. Yes, you hear it right, terminology. Many agents often show you instantly a comparison table or an infographic table of each package, which seems like a thoughtful move, until you realize the fees are still not clear. At Thaielite Express, we will clarify the different definition of ‘fees’ that range from “membership (fee)” to “additional membership (fee),” and etc. Read More

Elite Ultimate Privilege vs Elite Superiority Extension: What are the Differences between the 20 Years Residency Thailand Elite Membership Packages?

June 19, 2020 By Articles Comments Off

Welcome to the world of Thailand Elite. Thailand is now no more merely a Land of Smiles but a Land of Easy Entry.

Easy living as a Thailand Elite Visa member has its exclusive privileges. As a friend of Thailand, Thailand Elite is dedicated to providing you with all the conveniences and simplicities ever needed to reside in the Kingdom.  Are you still confused on the specificities of the Thailand Elite Visas? Many new prospects tend to become confused on the specificities of the Thailand Elite visa programs, and the benefits that they prevail. Read More

Thailand Elite Visa – The Transition to Great Opportunities in Thailand

May 11, 2020 By Articles Comments Off

Just as it is a gorgeous country for traveling, the fact is Thailand is also a land of opportunities. The country has become a magnet for business-minded individuals or ambitious entrepreneurs. The country offers the Thailand Elite Visa, a special privilege tourist visa that allows individuals an extended time to explore the opportunities within the land of smiles. Here’s why Thailand Elite Visa is a great program for transiting into other great opportunities in Thailand. Read More