Thailand Elite Visa – Extra 3 Months Extension Valid Only Until June 25

Since April 1st, 2021, the official quarantine for foreigners entering Thailand has been reduced to 10 days and the approval processing time for a Thailand Elite Membership Application is now back to averaging just 3 weeks. While the process to enter Thailand may include several steps, the timing recently seen for our clients is an encouraging step showing that the process is being streamlined to ensure a smooth arrival in Thailand in those exceptional times.

Thai Elite Membership

For those interested in worry-free life in Thailand’s tropical paradise, here’s a golden chance to apply for a Thailand Elite Membership and secure your 5-20 years residency visa in Thailand with the 3 Months Extension Promotion, valid only until June 25th!

Any applicants who applied and complete the payment of Thai Elite membership before June 25, 2021 shall receive an additional 3 months’ extension to their selected membership term (5, 10 or 20 years). You will also be able to select your visa activation date until June 25, 2021. Approval letters are valid for 3 months.

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