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This article is the most recent update on February 12, 2022, on Thailand – India Travel Bubble announcement. While Thailand ponders adding Indian tourists to the low-risk country to be admitted into Thailand, Indian national businessmen are sourcing the easiest ways to obtain a permanent residency in Thailand in order to further grow their business.

Trade Relationship Between Thailand- India

Rooted throughout centuries, Thailand and India share age-old, socio-culture interactions and an engaging commercial relation. The increasing impact of AEC on world stage has contributed to growing ties amongst member countries when it comes to economic, socio-economy, cultural, and educational ties. In 2017, the countries celebrated its 70 years of diplomatic relations. In 2018, a two-way trade between both countries totaled to USD 12.46 billion, ranking Thailand as India’s 5th largest trade partner within the ASEAN region.

India’s fast-growing Indian market has attracted many Thai investors, particularly in the manufacturing, infrastructure, retail, and tourism sectors. The ASEAN-India free-trade agreement (FTA), which came into effect since January 1, 2010, has Thai products benefiting from tax reduction.

Many major companies and investors are investing into imports into Thailand such as crude oil, machinery & parts, electronic and accessories, to vegetables and plastic products. Under the FTA, the quickly expanding Indian market have resulted into major Thai exports in motor cars, parts, machinery, rubber, polymers, chemical products, and much more.

Furthermore, the India-Thai Chamber of Commerce was successfully established to support active involvement between the private sector to facilitate trade, investments, and partnerships for companies and private investors in building the trade relationship.

Post COVID-19: The Wait for Indian Tourism

Since Thailand’s re-opening on November 1, 2021, Indian community leaders are consistently requesting the Thai government to include India into the list of low-risk countries, reasoning the many positive economic and touristic impact Indian tourists would have on the frail Thai tourism landscape.

According to the recent announcement on Bangkok Post, the request seems to have been pushed through with Thailand soon initiating a travel bubble with India in the attempt to attract growing numbers of Indian millionaires, and business travelers, to return and spend in Thailand.

Stay in Thailand long-term.
With a Privilege Entry Visa
that is valid from
5 years up to 20 years.

Top Reasons Indians Visit Thailand

  • Frequent Direct Flight

Prior to COVID-19 pandemic, there has been over 500 direct flights monthly connecting major cities of India to Thailand’s destination cities such as Bangkok and Phuket. The distance between Thai and Indian border is approximately 1,500 kilometers, with flying time from 3-5 hours. It’s a fast flight and easy on the pockets, making Thailand a premier destination for Indians.

  • Similar Cost-of-living

Besides cheap flights and delicious affordable street food, the traveling costs in Thailand and India are within the similar range. This allows Indian visitors to be comfortable when spending. What’s different is the culture and the Thai hospitality- you can’t put a price on that.

  • Entertainment

Thailand can entertain. Being a country less than half in size, and even lesser in population, Thailand highlights on diversity. The diversity in culture, food, natural landscape, and beautiful, exotic beaches can be mesmerizing. Asides from the numerous luxury shopping malls to wholesale markets, there’s always something for someone in Thailand.

  • Wedding Destination

In a survey conducted on India’s leading wedding planners, Phuket and Krabi remain the most requested destination for lavish weddings, followed by Hua Hin, Rayong, Samui, Bangkok, then Pattaya.

These inquiries come from Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Surat, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Vadodara, Goa, and Chennai. For the wealthier sector, wedding rooms reservation can range from less than 50 rooms to over 150 rooms in high wedding season periods in January-June 2022, July-December 2022, and followed by November-December 2021.

  • Nightlife & Massages

Infamous for its nightlife, Thailand boasts a distinctly ‘Hangover’ party scene. There are assortments of Michelin-starred restaurants, disco techs, conceptual bistros, walking streets, and local bars to choose from. For those who enjoys being pampers, spa & massages are plentiful in every street and corner.  Many tourists who opt for a peaceful time can choose between herbal spas and aromatic, rejuvenating oil massages.

  • Investing in Thailand for Indian Nationals

In its effort to attract investors from all over the world, Thai Government has created and expanded its support into welcoming light industries, intensive production, and with focus on technology and innovation. With this move, Thailand has secured over USD 2 billion from 40 Indian firms (specifically in software development, agri-chemicals, and electric car development).

However, not all investments are required to be big. Thailand has a thriving sector of SMEs. The best things for foreign investments in Thailand are the long-term corporate income tax benefits, simple import duty structure, support for startups and, more importantly, the availability of long-term work visas and work permits.

Popular Long-Term Thai Elite Visa

Are you a frequent Indian national looking to explore residency in Thailand? Backed by popular demand, Thailand Elite Visa can add value to an easy stay in Thailand, eliminating visa runs and its unexpected costs, and avoiding other time-consuming immigration procedures involving the Thai government, required to undertake by you and each of your family members. There are other benefits to being a Thai Elite Visa holder, such as fast track airport immigration, complimentary airport transfers, and an uninterrupted stay in Thailand.

Thailand Elite Visa is a long-term visa given to the Thailand Privilege Card members. It is categorized under Tourist Visa (Privilege Entry Visa “PE”) allowing residency in Thailand along with benefits for a period between 5, 10, or 20 years depending on the chosen package.

For example, the Elite Easy Access  & Thailand Elite membership for Indians is a 5-year multiple entry visa with an extendable 1-year length of stay per each entry for an individual. For Elite Privilege Access (10 years visa) and Elite Ultimate Privilege (20 years visa), the 5-year visa will be issued every 5 years.

There are different membership programs customized for an individual, couples, and family members. As a Thailand Elite member, you and your family will enjoy an uninterrupted stay in Thailand without the headaches of visa runs, and your family’s 90-day reporting as required by the government will be represented by the Thai Elite staff. It’s a one-time membership investment.

If you’re planning to re-locate with family members and children, these family packages may be for you.

1) Elite Family Excursion

The Elite Family Excursion is available for a minimum of two people who want to acquire easy access to Thailand for up to five years of residency. Enjoy the legendary Thai hospitality on arrival, with a dedicated Elite Personal Assistant to support you with airport formalities, as well as complimentary transfer services allowing you and your family to explore the ‘Land of Smiles’.

There is a fixed membership fee for 2 persons at THB 800,000 VAT included (USD 24,000) with the option to each additional per family member at THB 300,000 (USD 9,090).

Family members that can be included as immediate family can be biological parent, stepparent, married spouse, civil union (with certificate legally issued by the relevant authority having jurisdiction).

2) Elite Family Alternative

The Elite Family Alternative membership allows you and your family to visit Thailand to enjoy long vacations or just for short visits, with a 10-years special visa privilege to Thailand. Exclusive membership services include assistance when contacting government agencies such as the immigration department and the mandatory 90-day reporting procedure.

The fixed membership fee for 2 persons starts at THB 1,500,000 VAT included (USD 45,000) with each additional per family member at THB 700,000 (USD 21,200). Family members that can be included as immediate family can be biological parent, stepparent, married spouse, civil union (with certificate legally issued by the relevant authority having jurisdiction).

Apply for your Thailand Elite Membership Online Here. Make a one-time payment to Thailand Elite once your application is approved.

Ready to apply for your Thailand Elite Membership for Indians? Chat with us now on www.thaielite-express.com for more information on the Thailand Elite membership for Indians and other Thai Elite promotions for Indians. Thaielite-express can further assist you in other expat visa requirements.

Thaielite Express has been an authorized General Sales and Services Agent since 2013. We hope that with our guide, you can comprehend Thai Elite Visa costs and benefits better and find your suitable option. Should you have any questions, however, please do not hesitate to visit our website for more details on Thailand Elite Visa and Membership, or send your questions directly to us via email: bastien@thaielite-express.com. We support English, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese languages. We reply within 24 hours.

Stay in Thailand long-term.
With a Privilege Entry Visa
that is valid from
5 years up to 20 years.

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