How Cryptocurrency Can Get You Permanent Residency Visa in Thailand

Are you a cryptocurrency holder looking for a way to obtain permanent residency in Thailand? If so, you may be interested in learning about a new option that is now available: exchanging your crypto for a Thailand Elite visa. Read on to learn more about this unique opportunity and how it could benefit you.

Cryptocurrency Movement in Thailand

Thailand Permanent Residency
Cryptocurrency is an exciting new form of currency. According to Allied Market Research, the cryptocurrency market will more than triple by 2030 in popularity from investors and users who want a secure way to make peer-to peer payments without any fees or delays associated with traditional bank transactions. Since Bitcoin, various other cryptocurrencies have followed thereafter and there are now more cryptocurrencies in existence than regular (fiat) currencies worldwide.

In Thailand, the growing digital asset transactions have created a massive trend in Thailand’s digital finance service industry. As further evidence of Thailand’s cryptocurrency adoption, giant retailers have started integrating cryptocurrency into their business model while Thailand’s prominent bank has recently acquired a local cryptocurrency fintech operator for $535 million. Most recently, Tourism Authority of Thailand has officially announced its aim to attract wealthy cryptocurrency investors by enabling travel payments with cryptocurrency.

How Thailand Elite Visa Benefits a Crypto Holder in Thailand

Thailand Elite Visa is a 5–10 years long-term residency program given to the Thailand Privilege Card members. It’s categorized under Tourist Visa (Privilege Entry “PE”) allowing the membership holder residency in Thailand, depending on the membership level.

Cryptocurrency holders can seek an efficient and transparent residency for up to 20 years in Thailand with a Thai Elite Visa. With a minimal list of required documents, the average Thailand Elite visa applications are processed within 4-5 weeks. There’s no mandatory health insurance and age restrictions. You can easily apply online through our portal.

Thai elite members can enjoy the freedom from time-consuming and inconvenient Thai immigration procedures, the freedom to remain in Thailand worry-free, and most importantly, a peace of mind.

How To Obtain Thailand Permanent Residency with Cryptocurrency

It’s not possible to obtain a Thailand Elite visa via direct crypto investment mainly due to the legality of different jurisdiction in recognizing coins as a commodity. However, it is possible for the interested crypto applicant to cash out their coins and prove the legality of the origin of the coins.

The key consideration is the source of the funds. It is therefore important that the applicant is able to clearly prove that the coin in their wallet is coming from a legitimate source and from a recognized exchange and trading platform. can assist in the conversion of crypto currencies to dollars and euros, to apply for a Thailand Elite visa.

Which Thailand Elite Visa Membership is right for you?

There are a total of 7 different membership packages to choose from. Each of the premiere membership includes Elite Personal Assistants that’ll ease your airport journey with fast-track immigration, VIP limousine, and other airport related procedures. Not only you can apply for yourself to reside in the Kingdom, but there are options where you can include your direct family members as well.

For individuals, the 3 top popular programs are Elite Easy Access (5 years, 600,000 THB), Elite Privilege Access (10 years, 1,000,000 THB, and Elite Superiority Extension (20 years, 2,000,000 THB). For family level membership, Elite Family Alternative, Elite Family Premium, and the Elite Family Excursion remain on-demand. Feel free to browse more on other membership programs to find out which is most suitable for you and your future.

If living in or moving to Southeast Asia is within your plan, it’s well worth exploring becoming a Thailand Elite member. Thailand has recognized the importance of cryptocurrencies, its investors, and the increasing digital transactions. As Thailand continues to overcome the massive challenge in crypto regulations, the land of Smiles is a welcoming Kingdom for crypto investors.

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